Sunday, February 18, 2018

Local, Social, and Mobile Solutions for Your Business

The Mobile Package, or Everyone has a Smartphone now.

You've seen them, people standing in line to buy the latest and greatest smartphone. The number of people using mobile phones to search the internet may soon be more than people using traditional computers. Those mobile searchers are looking for businesses, and if your business doesn't have a mobile website it will be ignored.

When you add the Mobile Package to the Local Package I will create a custom mobile website for your business, which can be added to your existing website, or hosted on it's own. This will help attract customers actively searching with a mobile phone.

Effective mobile sites are simple, basic websites with minimal graphics and only the most important information. This helps the page load faster on a mobile phone. If it takes too long to download, the user will move on to a different page. Your mobile site will have your logo, name and address, business info, contact info, and can include: hours, specials, directions, or even a coupon. Your site will also include a link to your Place Page, and your phone number will be set so customers can call with one click.

A feature smartphones have is the ability to scan bar codes and QR codes. QR codes are basically fancy bar codes that can link to web pages, phone numbers, maps, coupons, anything on the web. A customer can use their smartphone to scan your QR code and be sent directly to your mobile site. I will create your QR code for your mobile website, which you can add to your print advertising or promotional material. This should help drive traffic to your business.

People also use their smartphones to "check-in" at various Social Media sites like Foursquare, Yelp, and Gowalla. I will set up and maintain your business' listings on these check-in sites. This will help encourage customers to come to your business, enhance your brand, and help spread the word when customers share their check-ins on Social Media. You can offer incentives to your top customers that use these sites to help create loyalty, make them repeat customers, and tell potential customers.